Addendum 11/2023

Here is some previously unpublished information about a few former projects, prototypes and hackathons – almost exclusively in connection with blockchain technology. When I get the chance, I will go into more detail about the individual topics. Until then: Stay tuned…

During Industry meets Makers 2022 my colleagues Roman and Leopold and me worked on the topic „IoT Sensornetzwerk für das OpenLandLAB“. Details see here and here.

In October 2022 I had the opportunity to attend the european x-eHealth-Hackathon 2022 representing the Austrian Ministry of Health (BMSGPK). The topic was „Blockchain based Notarization for Health Information Management“. The presentation of the results can be found here, the protptype was running here (note: not all modules are active any longer).

March 2019: When I attended the Infineon-Hackathon in Graz, I focussed on „notarization and proof for geo based games“ – for details see the pitch and some code at Github. In the following Hackathon in Villach (November 2019) the topic was extended to „blockchain security for (geo based) games“ and some more usecases for the „Blockchain Security 2 Go“-Kit, like ERC20 Tokens and NFTs … here the pitch.

… to be continued.